Rethinking Google Plus: Not the Ghost Town You Thought

As it turns out, Google Plus may not be a ghost town after all according to a new Forrester Research survey. As many marketers see their Facebook organic reach decrease, it may be interesting to hear that 22% of those surveyed reported that they visited Google Plus – the same percentage of people who reported visiting Twitter. Google Plus’ percentage of visitors surprisingly also beat out LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, making it an important channel for brands to consider when looking to reach their audience online.

More Engagement on Google Plus

Another reason that brands may want to rethink Google Plus is the impressive engagement metrics reported by Forrester Research. The survey indicates that engagement on Google Plus comes very close to that on Facebook and it nearly doubles the engagement seen on Twitter.

Google Plus Impacts Search Results

While it’s not covered in the Forrester Research, an additional benefit to posting content on Google Plus is the positive impact it can have on search results for your brand. Google remains the leading search engine of choice for most, so understanding how Google Plus impacts search results while you’re building a follower base there can be extremely valuable in the grand scheme of things. Why not get more bang for your Google-buck?

What do you think? Will you reconsider spending a little extra time building a follower base on Google Plus in light of this new info?


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